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The reason that whole shelves in book stores are dedicated to various diets and weight loss plans is that most Americans are overweight. The good life just includes too many things that taste good. Unfortunately, there appears to be a cause and effect relationship between good-tasting, sugar filled food and weight gain. It doesn’t take a food scientist to figure some things out. In general the problem is complicated by lifestyle as well. Not too many calories are burned lifting food from the table to the mouth, but many are consumed that way. Yet everyone wants to be trim, firm and athletic.

The path from overweight and out of shape to fit and trim is not difficult to find, but often seemingly impossible to navigate. The habits that were formed by eating the wrong foods and giving up physical activities didn’t appear overnight, and likely won’t go away easily. To change one’s health and nutrition for something better takes commitment, planning, encouragement and usually help from another.

For some joining a gym or fitness center is the answer, particularly when a buddy is already a member or joins at the same time. Working out together is easier to maintain than going it alone. But too often the initial zeal goes away and reasons to skip workouts increase. Sometimes camaraderie means that workouts are followed by pig-outs, which negates any value.

For a plan to work, only two things must happen. Better nutrition and more physical movement. The keys are commitment and encouragement. Increasingly, finding an online health coach works for many. Weight gain and poor nutrition began at home, and the habits were likely formed there. Going online and committing to an online nutrition coach makes sense. Guidance and encouragement are only a click away, and using social media fits into most daily routines. A second advantage is that an online weight loss coach is always available. What better place than home to change eating habits and to get off the couch and into motion? There’s no workout togs to buy, no gym rats intimidating everyone and no community showers.


Root fitness and nutrition offers online weight loss program, and guidelines that will result in weight loss and a healthier body. It takes commitment, it isn’t always easy, but with the encouragement and knowledge of the Root method bad habits can be replaced with healthy bodies. The process is incremental with no gimmicks, tricks or fad diets. The key is more nutritious food, more physical activity and burning more calories each day than are consumed.

Jereme, architect of the Root method has coached many people through the process, and is expert in assisting clients in realizing their goals.

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